Ultra Low Price?

We are often asked why we are so low in price and in fact we have received some feedback to suggest we are too low in price!

Based upon our years of experience in Technology Sales, we have broken down the processes required for customers with straight forward Technology Sales requirements into three aspects:

We are online

We try to carry out as many of our processes online as possible. That way we can be super efficient and cost-effective.

You buy only the options you need

Instead of the hard “bundle” or the “promotion” so to speak, you pick and choose the product that suits your needs. Unlike some other sales agent or retailer we don't force you into buying more expensive packages or bundles. Instead we give you as much flexibility as is possible.

No agents, middleman or sales personnel

You pay only for your products. Your bill doesn't go towards paying commission to a sales agent or retail shop space. Your purchases can amount up to 40% extra in sales agent salary or retail shop space. All our time and effort can be focused on you the customer. Managing sales agents and retail shop can be expensive and time consuming. With us none of your dollars goes towards paying for sales agent or retail space commissions which can work out as up to 40% more.

By ensuring that our time is spent in the most effective areas and, in particular, where our support expertise is required we are able to control our cost based and in turn this benefit is passed directly onto you as a client.

Quality Services is in no way compromised. Post-Sales operates to a set of very high service values.

So when we are asked why we are so cheap, we reply why pay more?